Antique Insurance service

Antique Insurance

With Antique Insurance from Lumley Insurance Limited, you can rest assured that your unique possessions are covered appropriately by your insurance policy, just in case they are ever lost, stolen or damaged. For our High Net Worth customers, we appreciate the fact that personal possessions are not always new items, but can be antiques with significant historical or financial value, and therefore tailor our policies to ensure that all valuable possessions, regardless of age, are covered by suitable insurance. Indeed, some of our High Value Contents Insurance Policies include antiques as some of the possessions covered by the policy ??? please get in touch with us for more information.

At Lumley Insurance Limited, we offer insurance policies that not only cover entire antique collections, but can also be tailored to cover individual items of particular value or rarity. In some instances, we can arrange a policy for a single item that will honour a claim without recourse to a formal valuation, provided the value of the item falls within certain market parameters.

All of the insurance products that Lumley Insurance Limited offer can be tailored to individual lifestyles and specific needs, and should help to bring customers greater peace of mind should the worst ever happen to their home or possessions. Lumley Insurance work hard to ensure that all customer properties and possessions are adequately covered by appropriate and comprehensive insurance policies, and always use our extensive knowledge and experience gained from the last four generations in this industry to ensure customers receive the very highest quality cover and customer care.

How to proceed

If you'd like us to find you a competitive and comprehensive quote please either complete our online form or contact us directly on 01285 885 885 to discuss your requirements in more detail. Please note that our office opening hours are 8.30am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday, and that we aim to respond to your enquiry as soon as possible within these times.