A Weather Word of Warning.

by CHRIS LUMLEY / December 15, 2015

The bad weather in the north serves only as a reminder to us all that flooding can wreak havoc.

As a precaution, no matter where you live, we recommend you register with the Environment Agency for their free Floodline Warnings at www.gov.uk/government/organisations/environment-agency. That way you will be forewarned about any upcoming stormy weather.

How do I protect my family or home?

We also advise you try to keep your valuables upstairs, to minimise the risk of water damage.

It’s also important to know how to turn off your gas, electricity and water supplies, so that you can do so quickly in the event of an emergency. Remember, it’s also very unwise to turn anything on again, until you know it’s safe to do so.

Finally, keep your insurance details and your emergency contact numbers in a place where you can find them, just in case you should need them.

No one wants to be a flood victim. These few simple precautions could spare you that fate.