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Group Personal Accident

If an employee dies or is injured whilst in employment, through no negligence of the employer, there may be nothing to offer their family other than sympathy. This is where Group Personal Accident Insurance can help and make all the difference.

Group Personal Accident Insurance policies provide lump sums to employees and their families in the event of permanent disability or death following an accident. In the event of temporary injury, a weekly benefit is payable. Cover can be on a 24/7 basis (i.e. not just while employees are at work) and also cover the Directors of the company. The cover can be funded by the employer, or the employees can pay into a scheme, or a combination of both - whichever way you decide to fund this insurance, a lot of cover can be provided for a very small contribution per month.

All of the business insurance products that Lumley Insurance Limited offer can be tailored to your specific business and unique needs, and should help to bring business owners greater peace of mind should the worst ever happen to, or within, their business. Lumley Insurance work hard to ensure that all businesses are adequately covered by appropriate and comprehensive insurance policies (though rely on the business owner providing detailed information about the item(s) being insured), and use the extensive knowledge and experience gained from the last four generations working within the High Value Insurance industry to ensure our customers always receive the very highest quality cover and customer care.

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