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Thatched Property Insurance and Insurance for Listed Buildings

If you own a thatched property, then you need Thatched Property Insurance. Here at Lumley Insurance Limited, many of our High Net Worth Clients own unusual or historic properties, including Thatched or Listed properties. Unfortunately, ???off the peg??? insurance solutions from many high street brokers do not cover these properties, or meet their unique needs when it comes to rebuild or repair costs using traditional materials or utilising specialist skills. Inadequate or inappropriate insurance cover can make unexpected damage to your property an even more stressful and costly experience, so for peace of mind it is well worth ensuring that you have comprehensive and appropriate insurance in place from the moment you take ownership of a thatched or listed building.

If you live in a Thatched Property or Listed Building, we can help you to find specialist cover for your thatched or listed home that can be specifically tailored to your requirements, whether the property is your primary residence, a rental property, a second home or even an unoccupied property.

In the event of a claim we will arrange for specialist surveyors to correctly identify re-build costs which include use of original materials, tooling and techniques. If you are looking to purchase a thatched or listed building then please call us on 01285 885 885. We offer free advice and can give you an indication on insurance premiums that will provide adequate cover for a thatched or listed building, or a building with non-standard construction.

How to proceed

If you'd like us to find you a competitive and comprehensive quote for a thatched or listed building, then please either complete our online form below or contact us directly on 01285 885 885 to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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